The interwoven Tanzanian-German history is still little researched despite overflowing archives and a lively oral tradition. We are looking for truth and want to know "the whole story".


The history of the former colony "German East Africa" is told primarily from the perspective of the Global North. We remind of colonial injustice and pay tribute to the resistance.


Reparation for colonial crimes is impossible. But there must be restitution or appropriate compensation where there has been fraud, robbery and theft.

About us

Berlin Postkolonial e.V. is an initiative of people from Europe and from Germany’s former colonies. Through guided tours, lectures, exhibitions and campaigns, we critically examine Berlin’s colonial and global history. The two-year project “A Century of Silence” 2018/19 commemorated the end of the German colonial empire 100 years earlier. We have taken this anniversary as an occasion to take a closer look at the history of the former colony “Deutsch-Ostafrika” (ca. 1885-1919).

The website “Maafa Tanzania” documents the numerous activities of our project and those of our cooperation and alliance partners. Maafa is Kiswahili and means “great catastrophe”. The word stands for the historical experience of the East African population under the colonial rule of injustice on site.

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